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Solomon on Business, Part I

Part of my motive for starting this blog is so that people who are considering doing business with me can get to know my philosophy of business and the way I conduct myself. With that in mind, I am beginning this series of posts in which I discuss my core business principles.

A close family friend and mentor of mine is a man named Rick. As an entrepreneur, he is successful on a scale that few can even dream of. And as a man, he is absolutely first class: he is humble, generous, and speaks with a refreshing candor and directness.

One day, I asked Rick for some advice for my business. He said, “become a student of Proverbs.” This advice was repeated on many subsequent occasions (often unsolicited). And just like in Hebrew poetry, when Rick repeats something more than once, you know it’s important.

I had read Proverbs many times since I was a child, but never through the lens of looking for business advice. So I started to re-read the book with my new eyes and see what I could find. In doing so, I realized two things about the principles therein:

Almost everyone knows this.

Almost nobody does this.

Proverbs didn’t really teach me anything new. But it held up a mirror to my life and gave me a vision of the man I want to be: trustworthy, honorable, humble, disciplined, and prudent.

So these are some of the themes I’ll be exploring in this series of posts. Rather than just post a litany of Bible verses, I’m going to focus on just a couple, and then devote the bulk of the space to specific examples from my life and lessons from my mentors.

The thing about Proverbs is that the advice can strike modern audiences as tired and cliché. Not wrong, just boring. But I’m going to try to talk about these things in a fresh way that will enable you to see it in a new light—starting with Commitment.


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